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Home Visits

      Christmas is the best season for lifelong memories. Imagine when you add a visit from Santa, right there in your home, in that special space where the family gathers. Eyes will light up and smiles will be wide as Santa comes through your door.  When Santa arrives there will be meeting and greeting of the whole family, young and old. Everyone can join in singing a couple of traditional Christmas carols. And of course plenty of pictures of everyone having a personal talk with Santa to tell them their Christmas wishes.  Santa's visit can be tailored to meet your needs in order to provide the best possible memories.

      Most Santa home visits are 20-30 minutes (depending on how many children and adults are there). Most home visits will have many of the same elements, but depending on the time, additional activities could include Santa being invited to have cookies and milk with the children, have contests filled with Christmas trivia or sometimes a family will arrange to have Santa hand out some early Christmas presents for added excitement.


      Imagine the excitement your child/children will have telling friends and family they had a personal visit from Santa…and have photographs to show as proof!

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