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Elf Delivery Service

     At the end of November, the first group of Santa’s Scout Elves depart the North Pole to make their way to homes around the world for Scout Elf Return Week! This weeklong celebration (Nov. 22–Dec. 1) is when most families welcome back their elves, or adopt a new North Pole helper.  Imagine the joy and excitement your children will have when Santa personally brings your family's Elf home for the season!

     Has your Elf been a little too mischievous?  Contact The Holly Jolly Santa to schedule a visit from Santa to help your Elf get back on track as everyone deserves a second chance.

     Maybe someone accidentally touched your Elf and they need their magic restored.  With your children's help and Santa's magic, together they can bring the magic of Christmas back to your elf.  Hit the contact Santa button below to bring the magic home!

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