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Catch Santa Sleeping

It's Christmas Morning.  The children, still with sleepy sand in their eyes, are led to the majestic glow of the Christmas tree and what to their wonderment do they find but Santa Claus asleep by the soft glow of the Christmas tree.  Santa is then woken up and startled that he was caught sleeping on the job.  Before scurrying out the door to catch up on deliveries Santa is available for pictures with the kids.  The Catch Santa Sleeping fee is $100.00 for approximately 15 minutes. They occur from 6 AM until 9 AM December 25th.  They are very limited so please contact us early.

We only do a “Catch Santa Sleeping” once for any family.  After all, you would never catch Santa twice.  Since this will be the one time your family has a visit like this we recommend that the children are 5 or older.  Remember, these visits can be early in the morning so waking up your children may be an issue… if they are too young.

Now… how old should a child be? It really doesn’t matter. Sometimes we are in a home with a younger child who still believes and one who is past believing. The feedback that the parents share with us is that even the older children couldn’t believe what they were seeing. They were absolutely thrilled with the effect of Santa being in their home. What’s funny is the parents have told us that even though they knew who Santa was, they still felt the magic during the visit.

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